An intern assists with lighting for Vice News, May 2015.


Brighter Boston exists to provide urban teenagers with professional internships in technical theatre and event production.

When our interns work on theatre, music, and special events, they discover a sense of purpose and a meaningful role in society. As a non-profit partnership of the top lighting companies, producers, and venues in the region, we deliver work experiences that give teenagers employable skills and real responsibility. Our work builds community in Boston’s technical production industry while increasing the racial and gender diversity of its workforce.


Too often, teenagers from urban areas grow up disconnected and disillusioned: They do not feel they have a meaningful role in society or that their individual identities matter. We imagine a civil society in which industries, schools, and governments all work to make a place for our children: to value them as individuals, develop them as professionals, and to prepare them to take responsibility for our world.